Labor Response Team

Donations Needed

The A Way Out Program has a countywide team of Labor Response Specialists. The Team is comprised of representatives throughout the county that provide information, resources and services to the residents of Kern County.

The Labor Response Team Mission is: To provide proactive customized strategies, support and assistance to communities, families and individuals to minimize the impact of substance abuse.

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Type of Work

» Minor electrical work such as add a light, a switch or outlet
» Minor plumbing work such as fix a leaky faucet or put in a new one
» General home maintenance such as paint, patch, replace, fix or make repairs to your home
» Provide Seasonal Outdoor Services such as grass cutting, leaf blowing or snow removal
» Install safety features such as grab bars, handrails, shower seat, smoke detectors, CO detectors
» Replace air conditioner or furnace filters
» Caulking, weather stripping, insulation
» Hang pictures, blinds or window treatments
» Clean gutters
» Install ceiling fans
» Light bulb replacement
» Check hot water heater
» Replace thermostats
» Fix or replace door locks
» Furniture Assembly

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